So you got a YES on the Badfish test:

Let's work together to fix that. Important: don't do this if you don't feel comfortable following the instructions, ask for help, these are administrative operations.

Update: Lenovo has a picture-rich guide for Windows 8 (now complete) and an automated Open Source removal tool.

Step I. Uninstall the software

  1. Open the Windows Start menu or Start screen and search Uninstall a program. Launch it.
  2. Right-click Superfish Inc VisualDiscovery and select Uninstall. When prompted, enter your administrator password.

Step II. Remove the certificate from Windows

  1. Open the Windows Start menu or Start screen and search certmgr.msc, right-click and select Launch as Administrator.
    If this does not work, you can try pressing Win+r, see here.
  2. Click Trusted Root Certification Authorities and open Certificates.
  3. Scroll down or use find to get to the Superfish, Inc. certificate.
  4. Right-click it and select Delete. If you don’t see the option to delete it, you may not be running as an administrator (see step 1).


Step III. Remove the certificate from Firefox

This might or might not be needed, but check to be sure.

  1. Go to Options/Preferences.
  2. Click Advanced, then Certificates.
  3. Click View Certificates.
  4. Look for Superfish, if it's there, click it and then click Delete or Distrust.


Step IV. Restart the browser

Close or quit your web browser(s) completely. You can also restart your computer.

Step V. Check again

Load again from both Chrome/IE and Firefox, and make sure you get a No this time.

Note: The test might still be stuck on the old result. If after you follow the steps to remove Superfish you still get a YES, visit If you are warned by your web browser before you can access the site, Superfish has been successfully removed.

Congratulations, you fixed your new laptop! It might be a good idea to change important passwords now. (It's always a good idea anyway.)

Other resources

Thanks to: LifeHacker, PCWorld, Thewirecutter, @smorewithface.