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Krumiro - send a message to all your Facebook friends

Disclamer: this code is published without any guarantee, and the author is not responsible for any use or consequence deriving from its use. By using it you are accepting this and you accept not to consider the author liable for your use.

For the technically inclined, it’s all under MIT License.

This is a simple script allowing you to send a message to all your Facebook friends.


  • Different messages for male and female friends;
  • Replace %name with the name of the recipient in the messages (like Hi %name! ...);
  • Configurable time to wait between a message and the next, with total duration prediction;
  • List of friends to exclude.

If you have any request or suggestion, simply leave a comment.


  • Drag this “Krumiro” to your bookmarks bar;
  • Done! Now the Krumiro button is ready.


  • While on a Facebook page, simply click it;
  • Some windows asking you what to do will show up;
  • The page will freeze until the script has finished, go grab a coffee, and maybe follow me on Twitter.

Code (for the curious - it’s ugly)