Hello Real World Crypto 2023!

I'm Filippo, a cryptography engineer and open source maintainer.

I'm sponsoring some RWC student scholarships because the conference has been great for my career starting out. I remember meeting Matt Green and Trevor Perrin there in New York in 2014, although I didn't realize I had spoken to Trevor until years later.

To justify it as a business expense, I need you to learn from this page that I am now a professional, full-time open-source maintainer and if you use anything I work on (the Go cryptography standard library, the age file encryption tool, mkcert, yubikey-agent...) or would like my advice on cryptography, Go, security, or anything else I'm an expert in, you can get me on retainer! Reach out at rwc2023@filippo.io and let's talk about it.

Anyway, if you see me at the venue come and say hi!

P.S. I'm giving at talk about all the boring but important ways we keep the Go cryptography standard library safe on Wednesday at 9:20!

P.P.S. You might want to follow me on Mastodon at @filippo@abyssdomain.expert or subscribe to Cryptography Dispatches.